‚ÄčWagner-Trott Building30 State Streetcompleted 2018

This masonry structure at the corner State and Queen Streets was constructed shortly after the Civil War.  A major restoration project started in 2016 to repair the extensive stucco and structural damage due to age and water intrusion.  During construction several surprises were found. When the loose stucco was removed from the south and west facades, original arches were discovered above the first floor windows and were restored. At Queen Street, the original door jamb and hinges were uncovered, and the French door opening was reconstructed. An original exterior door at the second floor, leading to a rear stair, was found hidden within the wall.  That door was also restored, with glass panels and an iron railing to allow views to Market Street. To make the fourth floor attic space more functional, a large shed dormer was added.


Contractor: Tupper Builders


Photography by Tyler Davidson Photography


2018  Carolopolis Award Recipient



The historical renovation of our home located at Queen & State Street was a complex project with a number of challenges and quite a few details to work through. Laura recognized that our goal was to restore our home in an accurate historical manner but also as economical as possible and she would make a point of offering options to accomplish our goals, when possible.


- Homeowner